What Folks Say about Three Dog Down


"Hi Bob and Brenda! Our comforters and duvets have arrived and we love them! Thanks especially to Brenda for finding the duvet fabric. The mattresses for the new bunks arrive tomorrow so I will be able to make the beds. We got some good laughs over the box! Hate to put it in recycle. Already have the 3dog temperature gauge so will put it in an christmas stocking as you suggest. The note books and doggie bags are already being used. Lokk forward to ordering from you again. Stay warm and cheers"
Tom and Mollie.

"Thank you so very much for the awesome visit to three dog down. We are glad we finally stopped. Thank you for the handwarmer, the gauge, and the candy and of course the COWBOY song! Thank you for helping my mom and me. The comforters are THE BEST."

"Dear Bob, Brenda, Virginia and Brian,
We just left your charming store after an hour and a half visit that brightened our Friday the 13th! We stopped in to see if there was any way to fix the puppy chewed hole in our 12 year old Three Dog comforter. You see, we are a 5 dog Nigh household. We have an English Setter, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mama dog and three of her 8 month old puppies. One of those puppies, Little Louie, was born with a cleft palate and had it surgically repaired at WSU in Pullman. He has been a dog that needs something in his mouth all the time. He had already chewed through the cover sheet and duvet cover and then found the edge of the comforter during the night and the feathers were flying in the morning as we made the bed. Thanks to all you talented people, the comforter is fixed and we bought a new duvet cover to boot. I'm sure we will be back again, if just to buy candy and listen to Bob's musical history of Montana"
Kyy and Bye.

"Hi Bob, Jan & I certainly enjoyed our visit on Monday. Listening to your Song & Stories was a unexpected highlight for the day and the rest of trip was rather uneventful, Well, it was if you don't take into account the whitetail that decided to jump into the side of the car just North of Big Arm on the way home late that afternoon. If you look carefully at the first picture you will notice that it is not a dry fly caught in the backdoor handle. Fortunately, no one was hurt and we were able to easily make it home even without the driver's rear view mirror and a marked increase of wind noise on the driver's door. Jan is slowly working her way through the Taffy and the Blenheim, well, I think that will be held in reserve for a special occasion.
Please thank Brenda for her recommendation of the Mr. Big 1/2 dog it is perfect for what we needed. The only complaint I have received is that our crew of three (see Pic) really felt that I should have left Mr. Big out on top rather than hiding him under the Denim Bedspread but, all in all, they seem pretty content with the improvement and slept quite well last night.
Again, Thank you for your hospitality"
Sharkey & Jan Harrison, Frenchtown